In the tradition of bespoke which is a custom designed, tailored, only for you experience, you will have a one on one meeting with the chef who will prepare your event specifically for you. There are no sales people, no venue restrictions, no impediment or misinterpretation of your needs and requests.
If you are looking to “wow” your friends or clients with a one-off customized event, have an intimate gathering, schedule a cooking class for friends at your home or take a class yourself, perhaps host a unique “Chef’s Table” dinner or if you simply want to host a hassle-free, boutique, innovative get together…look no further than Bespoke by Carlo.
I will personally facilitate your vision and make it an exceptionally unique dining experience; that is “Bespoke by Carlo”.

The Initial Concept or Fitting
First, we converse about your needs and requirements. As food service professionals we can quickly assess your home or event premises and adapt to your event.
Next- we develop a one-off, bespoke event that will be unique to you. Once we have your wish list and we have confirmed a concept and details–The rest– you relax and leave the details to us and our service will make your custom experience one to never forget. And–we leave your kitchen as spotless and tidy as we found it.

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

Simply put: everything we do is bespoke for you so there is never a worry about the ingredients in the dishes we prepare for you.